Extend the Life of Your Machine Winter 2012

The winter 2012 edition provides you with an informative guide to help you gain the maximum life out of your machine. Any excavator, skid steer loader, wheel loader or motor grader will only ever be as good as the bucket or moldboard (Grader Blade) and its GET (Ground Engaging Tools)—an often overlooked key determinant of efficiency.

Construction Bucket

Construction and Mining bucket and moldboard GET condition is the first point of productivity for any machine. Inspections form a key part of preventative maintenance. If well maintained, it will lead to increased bucket or moldboard life— reducing the risk of down time. Due to these parts being a major expense for machine owners, proper assessment of change out is critical.

Every bucket and moldboard is comprised of two major sections that work in harmony to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Bucket and Moldboard structures
The structural integrity of the bucket or moldboard must be maintained to ensure maximum life and effectiveness of its wear parts. Wear or cracking in areas such as side walls, lips and bottom of the bucket or moldboard must be inspected/monitored, and repairs carried out to ensure maximum bucket or moldboard life. In addition, regular inspection of edges, and preventive maintenance of your bucket or moldboard is crucial in reducing costly unscheduled downtime.

Moldboard (Grader Blade)

Ground Engaging Tools (GET)
As the first point of contact for the material you are handling or working in, GET are designed to absorb the impact and protect the bucket or moldboard from the abrasiveness of the materials, they ensure material flows easily and consistently into the bucket or along the width of the moldboard. GET is designed to wear, so replacement of these parts before they no longer protect key structures of the bucket or moldboard is important. Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) offer a large range of genuine Hitachi bucket teeth, tooth adapters, lip shrouds, side wall shrouds, wear bars and bolt on sections to suit buckets for both mining and construction industries. HCA also supply John Deere grader moldboards for the construction industry.

Every HCA branch can accurately assess the condition of your bucket and moldboard fitted with Hitachi or John Deere GET and provide a written report on percentage wear and potential life left, or recommend replacement and provide an obligation free quote. This information can help you plan scheduled maintenance and avoid downtime.

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