Genuine Parts

At Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia, we understand the importance of maximising machine durability and performance. We stock over 60,000 line items with genuine parts and components available to help you extend the life of your machine.

Whether you need parts for Hitachi, Bell or John Deere mining and construction equipment, we have extensive access to resources through both our national branch network and global OEM connections.

Our genuine parts are a proven way of maintaining peak machine performance. They form part of our commitment to ensuring you achieve the highest level of productivity and longevity out of your machine and its components.

Our inventory consists of parts for excavators, skid steers and compact track loaders, graders, wheel loaders, dump trucks and many more. We realise the critical nature of everything from Ground Engaging Tools (GET), undercarriage and rubber tracks through to filters and fluids.

Ground Engaging Tools

Designed and engineered to achieve the best performance from your earthmoving equipment, GET play a crucial role in protecting key structures such as blades, buckets and ripper shanks. The quality of a GET directly influences machine performance and the life of its parts.

HCA offers a versatile range of GET to suit specific industry applications for either Hitachi or John Deere machinery. GET include bucket teeth, tooth adapters, lip shrouds, side wall shrouds and wear bars.

Whether you require GET for graders, wheel loaders, excavators, dozers, or dump trucks, to name a few, we can provide the right solution.

Durability is paramount when it comes to GET. Our genuine parts are carefully tested in order to meet strict OEM quality standards, prevent wear and detachment, as well as provide excellent resistance against wear and shock.

Rubber Tracks

Our rubber tracks are tailored to suit our range of Hitachi mini excavators and John Deere compact track loaders. These tracks offer the perfect fit and protect the machines’ undercarriage components for extended machine life.

Featuring heavy-duty reinforcement and high wear-resistant rubber compounds, our tracks deliver outstanding performance in demanding applications. Benefits include minimised vibration and protection against de-tracking, carcass puncture and edge cutting.

mini excavator


Productivity is largely dependent upon the condition of a machine’s undercarriage.This includes maintaining correct track tensioning and cleanliness.

A sophisticated design process has led to the development of superior quality track chains contributing to high performance operation in harsh environments.

Undercarriage features include induction-hardened sprocket teeth for powerful operation, excellent wear-resistance, as well as a durable heat quenching process applied to Hitachi rollers for longer machine operation.

Filtration & Fluids

The type of filters, oils and lubricants are vital when it comes to the continued maintenance of a machine’s system components – that is why we have comprehensive filtration and fluid solutions across our range of products.

Our genuine Hitachi, Bell and John Deere filtration serve to ensure maximum protection and longevity of our equipment from the environments in which they operate.

A cleaner system through the use of genuine filters ultimately reduces machine ownership and maintenance costs. Additionally, operators will benefit from greater filtration efficiency, longer component life, enhanced engine performance and improved fuel economy.

We offer a complete product range of anti-wear fluid formulas that are quality accredited and meet API specifications. These fluids provide extra protection to machine components, such as extended drain life of hydraulic oil, resulting in higher machine efficiency and performance.

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