Super Distribution Centre

The parts network ensures streamlined distribution to our customers across Australia

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) thrives on its ability to distribute genuine high quality parts through its extensive and streamlined distribution network. Managing over 140,000 part lines, HCA distributes Hitachi, Bell and John Deere genuine parts across the mining, construction and forestry industries.

HCA utilise one Parts Super Distribution Centre in Sydney, as well as twenty-one branches strategically located throughout Australia. These are supported by two global parts operations in Japan and Canada and six global parts depots, including Singapore, which provide a vast resource to ensure efficient and reliable parts supply to any part of Australia.

HCA holds over 21,600m2 of parts, sending out 400 tonnes of genuine parts each month. In addition to this, our Parts Depot in Singapore and Central Parts Depot in Japan combine to provide 38,500m2 of parts valued at over A$1.07 billion. To put the size of the parts holding area in perspective, this equates to an area twice that of the Melbourne Cricket Ground!

HCA adopts the highest level of quality assurance and manufacturing standards to ensure the supply of genuine parts to customers is seamless. HCA continues to work tirelessly through a dedicated customer focused approach to meet specific customer requirements.

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