See You Tomorrow

Hitachi Construction worksafety

“Always remember that your safety and the safety of others takes priority over everything else.” David Harvey – Managing Director

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia Pty) Ltd (HCA) esteem safety as our number one priority above all else. Through the birth of HCA’s safety program, ‘See You Tomorrow’ was born. It holds at its core a commitment to ensuring all employees return home safely to their family and friends, injury free and fit for work the following day.

Through the ‘See You Tomorrow’ programme, HCA aims to provide a visible connection between working life and home life. By emphasising the importance of working safely ‘See You Tomorrow’ and ensuring HCA maintain focus on each individual’s safe behaviour and the safe behaviour of mates. We must all look after each other at work so that we can return home safely to spend time with the ones we love.  

‘See You Tomorrow’ is built on the foundation of HCA’s collaborative approach to safety, because our employees are our greatest asset.  

As a team we strive every day to provide a safer workplace. In partnership with our employees the ‘See You Tomorrow’ program continues to be an effective tool in planning for our safety.

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