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Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Introduces National Safety Initiatives

hitachi construction safety


At Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) we are passionate about our machines. However, what we are even more passionate about is our people – people are the heart of our machines. This extends to everyone employed within our company, our visitors and, of course, our customers.

Safety is our first priority and an area we are always striving to improve.

The environments in which we conduct our business present all the challenges that accompany large-scale machinery and operations. Our aim is to have zero injuries.

We have embarked on several safety initiatives as part of the next steps in our safety journey – all of which will support a safer workplace.

We are moving towards accrediting our Safety Management Systems to the International OHSAS 18001 Standard. As a company, we are now through to the second stage of the accreditation process with the next round of audits scheduled for early 2014.

Key managers and supervisors are being trained on ICAM (Incident Causation Analysis Model) investigation.

This means, any potential high-rated incidents will be reviewed in detail, followed by solutions that aim to eliminate or minimise the risk of a repeated incident. These solutions will be identified based on the proven ICAM investigation framework.

We are continuing to strengthen our existing safety systems and policies, regularly improving our safety management system, processes and documentation.

We have recently implemented online real-time Chemwatch across all our branches nationally. This is a Safety Data Sheet system allowing HCA to keep up-to-date to ensure we are storing, carrying and correctly using all hazardous liquid materials. If an issue were to arise, we will always have the latest safety data sheets available for easy reference.

Building upon our safety culture, we want to remind everyone, with a simple message, about the importance of safety – what safety actually means in the workplace, at home, and to our people. We want everyone to return to work tomorrow, safely and without injury.

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