Remanufactured Components

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"The only difference between new and remanufactured components is the price."

The modern worksite demands maximum uptime and machine performance. Our customers are constantly challenged by increased pressure on profit margins and completing projects on time. This creates high expectations to lower operating costs.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia offers comprehensive remanufacturing and service exchange programs designed to deliver high quality, near new parts solutions at highly competitive prices.

The only difference between new and remanufactured components is in the price. Our programs ensure an equivalent level of performance and reliability to that of brand new components.

Whether it’s remanufactured components for Hitachi, Bell or John Deere equipment, our highly skilled and certified technicians replace critical parts with genuine components in accordance with strict OEM factory specifications.

The component rebuild process is streamlined for shorter lead times and higher availability. It also reduces waste associated with used components, and breathes new life into parts that have reached the end of their service life.

In addition to our reman capabilities, the service exchange program reduces downtime via the immediate replacement of repaired components using genuine parts. This process eliminates the time required for disassembly, repair or refit.

Our customers benefit from fast delivery of high quality product at a reduce price, thereby lowering their cost of ownership.

Continued investment has further expanded our capabilities with specialised remanufacturing workshops located in Adelaide, Brisbane and Muswellbrook.

As part of the remanufacturing program, we cover everything from hydraulic pumps and motors, track adjusters, engines and injectors through to turbo chargers and water pumps. Our service exchange program includes arm, boom and bucket cylinders, transmissions, engines and travel devices.

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