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Whether it’s the delivery of a Jaundice Meter to Kingaroy Hospital, or a Youth Medical Cart to Bunbury Hospital, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) is committed to supporting Humpty Dumpty’s activities as they strive to save the lives of children across Australia.

Another big year down from Hitachi entering the City2Surf to raise much needed funds for our beloved charity The Humpty Dumpty Foundation. This year, saw 61 runners participating across the Hitachi Group companies including Hitachi Limited, Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd (HCA) and some from the Global Mining team in Brisbane.

They tackled the gruelling 14km fun run from the city centre to Bondi Beach, in the name of a good cause.

Just over $12,000 was raised for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation which will see four pieces of life-saving medical equipment being purchased for hospitals in Sydney, NSW. Valued at $5,160, a 950T Humidifier will go to the Royal North Shore Hospital in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. The Humidifiers provide heated and humidified air during respiratory support. Without this support, babies are at risk of infection and breathing becomes difficult for them as their airways become dry, blocked with secretions and damaged due to cold air being delivered. This will prolong their stay in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and their developmental outcomes may be compromised.

The second piece of equipment, is an Alaris Pump with pressure monitoring valued at $3,630 going to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in the Newborn Care Unit. This syringe pump allows insulin and antibiotics to be accurately delivered to babies and children in extremely small doses, helping those who might otherwise suffer fluid overload. Its digital format stores a drug library and will minimise any potential for human error. The pressure monitoring system improves early detection of blockages which is vital when administering drugs.

We also have the Neopuff Resuscitation Devices valued at $2,190 going into the Newborn Care Unit. This equipment provides life-saving resuscitation and ongoing ventilation assistance to infants using up-to-date, user friendly technology. It will be used on a daily basis and can be moved to the bedside of each baby or young child at risk.

Finally, a RAD-5 Pulse Oximeter with sensor valued at $1,760 will be donated to the Bankstown/Lidcombe Hospital going into the Women’s and Children’s Services Unit. This allows hospitals to accurately measure a pulse rate, oxygen saturation and blood flow which is essential in assessing the current status and treatment implications for paediatric patients. The RAD-5 (handheld) allows nurses to record arterial oxygen levels accurately and efficiently and quickly track any changes.

A big year in equipment donation thanks to the efforts of Team Hitachi and all their followers, without your support this could have not been possible. If you’d like to find out more information about next year’s run, or even enter your details to join the race - you can visit

In support of hospital visits and vital medical equipment donations, HCA is also driving fundraising efforts regularly throughout the year at various industry tradeshows and exhibitions to continue the ongoing support.

City2Suft Race by the team at Hitachi

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