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Complete Filtration Solutions

Our Donaldson product range delivers a complete line of full-flow and off-line filtration systems suitable for engines, hydraulic systems, final drive oils, fuel systems and much more. Our filtration solutions are designed to maximise performance and reduce maintenance supported by Hitachi’s superior customer service and technical support. No matter the application or environment you work in, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia is your one-stop-shop for all your filtration requirements.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia stocks an extensive range of Hitachi and Donaldson filtration products, available to order through our 24/7 Customer Support Centre or online through our Hitachi Parts Online portal.


We offer a great range of genuine machine fluid products, including engine oil and hydraulic oil, gear oils, and axle oil created explicitly for our ZW wheel loaders. Our genuine Hitachi oils and lubricants have been specially engineered to boost productivity and ensure a longer life for your equipment. By using genuine Hitachi fluid products, you can be assured your warranty remains fully intact whilst benefiting from increased reliability and productivity. We stock the full range of construction equipment fluids.

At Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia, we take safety very seriously. We have teamed up with Chemwatch to offer you access to our Safety Data Sheet’s (SDS) range that covers our Hitachi and Bell product lines.

Engine Oil

Our engine oils are blended to ensure optimum performance for Hitachi construction machine engines and meet strict JASO (Japanese Automobile Standard Organisation) criteria. Our engine oils are also used in our large excavators with continuous high-speed operation under the toughest conditions guaranteeing longer life and higher performance.

Hydraulic Oil

Around 90% of Hydraulic Component failure can be traced to contaminated, old or inferior Hydraulic Oil, and it’s essential to maintain your machinery with the correct Hydraulic Oil. We recommend you use genuine Hitachi Hydraulic Oil for your Hitachi construction equipment to ensure you get the very best out of your machines.

Gear Oil

Maintaining your Hitachi Construction Machinery with genuine Hitachi Gear Oil can significantly reduce maintenance costs. Using the right gear oil reduces wear on gears and bearings whilst enhancing the performance of the travel gear. Highly adaptable to changes in temperature, allowing smooth oil circulation at low temperatures and enhancing oil film strength at high temperatures.

Axle Oil

Hitachi Genuine Axle Oil guarantees an excellent performance under long hours and harsh conditions. Manufactured specifically for our ZW wheel loader models, our Axle Oil offers extreme pressure and heat resistance, making it perfect for Australian conditions. Stable at high temperatures, it ensures the axles of your ZW wheel loader will perform consistently over a longer period of time.

Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

Our construction equipment is already highly renowned for its reliability, particularly in the most demanding environments. To achieve even greater productivity and reliability with your Hitachi machines, you can fit them with our high-quality ground engaging tools (GET). GET can be an important part of your machine configuration. Using the right GET for the job can increase productivity, reduce component wear and maintenance costs, and ultimately help extend your machine’s life. GET also helps protect your blades, buckets, and ripper shanks from heavy impact trauma and avoidable machine shudder.


Whether your machine requires single, double or inner flange rollers, you can be assured Genuine Hitachi rollers will achieve maximum life in any application.


Whether your machine uses rubber or steel tracks, we stock only the best for our Hitachi machines. Genuine tracks mean smoother machine operation and optimised track life. We also provide a range of solutions from complete track assembles to individual track chains, pins and bushes, chain links and grouser shoes.


Our Genuine Hitachi idlers have been manufactured to the highest quality through the casting, forging and fabrication processes. This guarantees superior wear resistance backed by an OEM warranty.


Sprockets are vital to the performance and wear of undercarriage. Genuine Hitachi sprockets are engineered and designed with Hitachi tracks to work as a system and achieve maximum life with smoother machine operation.


There are many non-genuine hoses for your Hitachi equipment, and although they may fit your machine, not all hoses are the same. From our experience, we have found many cases of unexpected failures with non-genuine hoses. Our tests have consistently shown a clear advantage of genuine over non-genuine.

Hitachi hoses meet our strict OEM specifications, and we recommend only genuine hoses be used. Using Hitachi hoses will reduce the risk of injuries and environmental pollution while minimising the potential for machine damage and maintenance costs over time.

OEM hose testing includes;

  • Burst Pressure Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Impulse Test
  • Cold Flex Test



For more than a decade, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia has sold remanufactured components that meet strict OEM factory specifications. Our fixed price program provides you with quality components for less than the price of new, with the added environmental benefit of recycling parts. You can be confident in the quality of the components as our national parts warranty backs them.

Our well-equipped remanufacturing facilities offer remanufactured components for a range of Hitachi and Bell machinery. We have an extensive range of products, including hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps and swing motors, track adjusters, idlers, drive tumblers and final drives, oil coolers, intercoolers and radiators, alternators, wheel motors, etc blower motors just to name a few.


For over a decade, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia has been remanufacturing components to meet strict OEM factory specifications. Our fixed price program offers access to quality components for far less than the price of new, with the added environmental benefit of recycling parts for reuse.


HCA provides Hitachi mining excavators, mining trucks, and construction equipment with a wide range of quality remanufactured components to minimise machine downtime, maximise reliability and productivity, and reduce operating costs.

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