December 2019

Shifting the safety culture

With the goal of zero workplace injuries, we are working harder than ever to ensure every person involved in our business returns home safely from work each day. At Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA), people are at the heart of our machines. While we are consistently committed to providing superior construction and mining equipment as well as remaining at the forefront of technological innovations in these industries, the safety and wellbeing of our people has and always will take precedence. As of November 21st, there have been 144 Australians killed at work in 2019. Leaving 144 families whose lives will never be the same again. Although none were related to our business directly, we strongly believe that there is more that can be done to prevent workplace fatalities. At HCA, we aim to do all we can to ensure everyone is able to return home safely after work each day. HCA has a Safety First Priority, which means that in every business decision or action we take, our primary duty is to assure the safety of all our employees and those who work with us. This extends to everyone employed within our company, our visitors and of course, our customers. Over the past year, we have reflected on a number of focus areas to improve our safety culture and performance. Suggestions and feedback from employees formed the basis of these improvements, which fell into four key pillars: Leadership, Communication, Training and Systems and Processes.

people are at the heart of our machines

Leadership – “Walking the talk”

As part of HCA’s safety strategy, our leaders set the standard for safety through their behaviours, communication and actions. They exemplify the values that underpin our safety practices. Our leaders are able to actively communicate about issues, practice safety in their everyday work, while also encouraging it in those around them. Recent leadership initiatives at HCA have included an emphasis on quality safety conversations with those who work with us, as well as the recognition of positive safety performance and outcomes.

Communication – Keeping safety at the forefront

Developing a resilient safety culture relies profoundly on effective communication and consultation at all levels about health and safety issues in the workplace. From monthly wellbeing focus topics, to a text message alert system, there has been a specific focus placed on the consistency, frequency and methods of communication about topics related to safety.

Training – Equipped to be safe, from the beginning

A review of induction processes is in place to ensure that all new HCA employees receive a clear and consistent message about the importance of Safety within the company. From the first day on the job, every single person should feel empowered and comfortable enough to stop a task if they think it is unsafe, irrespective of deadlines or pressure from external stakeholders.

Systems and Processes – Making safety second nature

Achieving a culture where safe behaviours become automatic, is more feasible when there are efficient systems and processes in place. Constant revision and enhancement of our systems, processes and procedures, such as access to electronic versions of commonly used safety documents, provides everyone with the necessary knowledge and tools to be safe every single day.

We aren’t satisfied just yet.

We are continuously driving for improvement in Safety at all levels of the business. We will continue to do so to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy workplace for anyone involved with the business.

Whilst our safety performance continues to improve, with our recordable injury frequency rate being the lowest it has ever been, we are not satisfied and will not be until we are recording zero workplace injuries. We will continue to focus on safety to ensure every single one of our employees actively work towards ensuring their own safety and that of their teams.

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